Frequently Asked Questions: 

What formats are files available in ?

What is the delivery duration ?

Is there any available sample ?

How do I purchase datasets ?

What payment methods are there ?

Is it safe to use online payment?


What Formats are files available in?

We deliver your datasets after purchase to your Email in either Csv, SQL or excel format.

What is the delivery duration ?

After selecting and making purchase of your dataset, it is delivered instantly to you via Email, after payment has been made. Your file will bee received within the span of 1 hour.

Is there any available sample ?

Yes : we have made a sample file of our datasets available for you on the homepage and you can even have it downloaded via this link : 

How do I purchase datasets?

To purchase a dataset, navigate to the "BUY" section and select the item you are interested in ordering. You will be required to fill a form which will allow you to enter the information necessary for delivery.

What payment methods are there?

You can pay for our products via Debit/Credit card, Bitcoin or PayPal.

There’s also the option of bank transfer, where we contact our sales representative using the contact form. They will be responsible for giving you our bank details as well as other billing information.

Is it safe to use online payment ? 

This is because we subscribe to contracts with partners that have been approved by banks, and the payment methods available here are encrypted for top security.