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Saudi Arabia, Location database, best city file

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This product contains the complete list of all postal codes/cities in Saudi Arabia. The file contains 47 postal codes, 355 cities across the entire country.

A sample file is available by clicking here

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City Saudi Arabia

Sample file




Postcodes: 47
Cities : 355


ISO 3166

Last Update: July 29, 2021

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Saudi Arabia

This product is a file that is emailed in Excel and CSV format. The location file is in spreadsheet format and includes 47 postal codes, 47 cities in Saudi Arabia. A list of localities such as postal codes, cities, towns and villages for this country are included in the file. Easy to use and integrate, the locality file is compatible with many applications.

It contains about 47 zip codes, 355 cities

Listing Total
Postcodes: 47
Cities: 355

The information is presented in a simple and effective manner for simplicity and reuse. In spreadsheet format, the file can easily be opened with Excel.

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