Street list モナコの in Excel, SQL, CSV or XML


Some companies or ambitious projects need geographical data and require a list of the streets of the communes モナコで. In order to help these large projects, postcodezip has prepared a database listing 191 streets, spread over 9 cities with 1 postal codes モナコで.

List of streets モナコで

This type of database provides a list of streets for many types of projects. To help developers better understand the possibilities, here is a shortlist of possible applications of the database:

  • Form entry.
  • Development of applications requiring the use of postal data.
  • Pre-fill in the street name more easily in a form requesting a postal address.
  • Verify the correctness of an address entered by a user.
  • Generate the postal address of a profile, based on real data.
  • For an application that already has postal addresses, this database of addresses makes it easier to cross-reference the data and to group buildings, establishments, or customers more easily, based on their postal addresses.
  • Make various statistics to know the number of "square" or "driveway" for each commune モナコで. Same if they wish to know the number of the street of "Avenue Albert II" モナコで.

Did you know: モナコで there are 1 streets / avenues / places / driveways / boulevards... associated with the name of "Avenue Albert II"!

Table data

The database contains 4 tables with data that complement each other: streets, municipalities, departments, and the type of roads.

Table of streets モナコで:

  • Iso: country code (INSEE code)
  • Country: country wording
  • Region: Name of the region
  • Commune name: full name of the commune
  • Postal code: postal code
  • Street: full street name, with the type of lane
  • Latitude: GPS coordinates
  • Longitude: GPS coordinates
  • Elevation: GPS coordinates

Table of communes モナコで

  • Iso: country code (INSEE code)
  • Country: country wording
  • Region: Name of the region
  • Commune name: full name of the commune
  • Postal code: postal code

Take note: for a more complete list, please use the more complete list of communes モナコで. The INSEE code is used as a reference to link the data together.


Table of departments モナコで:

  • Iso: country code (INSEE code)
  • Country: country wording
  • Region 1: main region
  • Region 2: secondary region
  • Region 3: Tertiary region
  • Region 4: regional sub-division

Extract from the database

To assess what the data looks like and what can be contained in such a list, you can download an excerpt with a small database of the 100 streets モナコで.


Download the list of street names モナコで


Download the database of all cities モナコで

Take note:

  • The list contains 191 streets, spread over 9 towns and cities モナコで.
  • Every week, streets are added, modified, or deleted, therefore the list cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate.


If you are interested in the list of all the streets モナコで, make a purchase directly on this site.

Make good use of these tables and don't hesitate to share the creations you could have created from this database.

You need other information, such as the nature of the lanes or INSEE, NUTS, or FIPS codes for statistical studies. It is available on request. Contact us.